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French culture
A knowledge of French language and culture
plays a decisive role in the future of pupils in
the French school network. Learning about
community, the culture of autonomy, thought
and social engagement are an integral part of
French education. The values of humanism and
tolerance that are passed on to pupils give them
the keys to becoming engaged citizens.
The baccalauréat reform has boosted the teaching
of philosophy in upper secondary school.
This decision is based on a traditional French
commitment to bolstering the role of critical
thinking and analysis in the education
of young people. As such, pupils in the general
pathway who wish to do so can now take
philosophy classes from Grade 11 by
choosing the Humanities, Literature and
Philosophy specialism. In Grade 12, all pupils
take at least four hours of philosophy
a week. Philosophy is one of the four
final exams of the Baccalauréat

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