A positive community culture

Respect for others
At school, pupils acquire all the skills that will
be essential to them throughout their life, for
pursuing their studies, building their personal
and professional future, and being successful
members of society and fully active citizens.
Respect for others is one of these fundamental
skills. As such, French schools impart the rules
of community life to pupils and ensure they
respect them, through moral and civic education
at primary school, lower and upper secondary
This represents a pivotal aspect of school
life, particularly through respecting for rules,
preventing rudeness, violence and high-risk
behaviour, and learning about health and safety.
It also involves educational actions that engage
pupils in concrete situations based on group
activities, such as sporting associations, outings
and school trips.

Inclusive school
French schools abroad are committed
to the success of all pupils. They offer a range of
solutions in order to best adapt to all situations
and personalise the pathways of disabled pupils.
Since 2016 there has been an observatory for
pupils with specific educational needs. It has a
dual purpose: to promote best practice in schools
and improve education for these pupils.

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