Co-teaching with parents

Parents have an important role in the network
of French schools abroad. They are often very
involved, playing a very unique role in the schools
that are run by parents and directly managed by
a parents’ association.
Parents are members of the educational
community in their own right and play a very
active role in schools and establishments.
They can be class delegates, electing their
representatives to the board of the school
or establishment.

Links forged for life
Over 600,000 former pupils of French upper
secondary schools around the world are now
valuable ambassadors for French education
and its values. They form a dynamic and active
network in all business sectors and all countries.
These former pupils benefit from local alumni
associations, a global Union-ALFM association
and a worldwide social, community and
professional network. They also hold a world
forum (FOMA) every other year, which aims to
strengthen this network and demonstrate the
connections built around a shared education,
language and values.

A unique international exchange programme
ADN-AEFE is the school exchange programme of the AEFE which allows
interested pupils in Grade 10 classes to spend several weeks in another
French school in France or a different country. They therefore benefit from
a safe environment and linguistic and cultural immersion, with French as
the common language, while continuing to follow their syllabus. Over one
hundred schools in the network and more than ten French schools have
already taken part in school exchanges. This programme has really
flourished in 2019, with 502 pupils going on exchange in nearly 60 countries.

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