A multilingual and multicultural environment

A multilingual
and multicultural
From a very young age, pupils learn in
an international environment. The presence
of French schools and establishments
in 139 countries means families benefit
from an unparalleled global network, thereby
enabling them to continue their children’s
schooling even if they move to a different
Fluency in French, English and one or more other
modern languages is a key factor in the success
of the world’s future citizens. With 80 languages
taught and international pathways,
language teaching in French establishments
is tailored to the pupils’ profile, environment
and personal and professional plans.
Throughout their education, they can choose
to follow an enhanced programme with a third
modern language.

Excellence-Major scholarship holders:
key actors in the dialogue between cultures
Excellence-Major scholarships are granted,
according to criteria of excellence, to foreign
baccalauréat holders from French upper secondary
schools around the world to enable them to pursue
high-level studies in France. Every year, over 800
students of nearly 80 different nationalities are
supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and the AEFE. They also receive the status of
scholarship holder of the French state, which simplifies
the process of obtaining visas and residence permits,
as well as making it easier to access accommodation in
university halls of residence. With their precious dual
culture, they bring diversity and a sense of openness
to French higher education establishments.

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