• Languages

    Our classes are in French and English from kindergarten, and we offer Kurdish, Arabic, and Spanish language lessons.

  • ​Education

    We follow the French curriculum accredited by KRG and the French Government.

  • Excellence

    We follow the highest international standards & aim for academic excellence so your children can enter the best universities across the world.

  • A bright future

    100% of our final year students graduated and were accepted in universities in top universities in France, Canada, Denmark, UK and Kurdistan.

Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil

Welcome to the Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil! We are a prestigious institution dedicated to providing a comprehensive high-quality education and fostering a multicultural environment.

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Discover Excellence: Exploring Our State-of-the-Art School Facilities and Dynamic Learning Environment.

Our school boasts state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the learning experience. From spacious classrooms and a well-equipped laboratory to a vibrant library and technology resources, we provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students can explore their interests and unleash their potential.

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Why Choose Us

Our mission is to nurture curious, creative, compassionate globally-minded learners and critical thinkers who will be the leaders of tomorrow. From nursery to high school, our academic programs are designed to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world.

Academic Excellence

we prioritize academic rigor, offering a high-quality education that adheres to the French curriculum. We.


We promote multilingualism by providing instruction in French, as well as offering opportunities to learn.


We foster a humanistic approach to education, focusing on the development of well-rounded individuals. We.

Openness to the World

We value an international perspective and seek to develop global citizens. We encourage cultural exchanges,.

Our Students Success Stories

Discover our students’ inspiring successes, within our supportive community.

Our Team

Our dedicated faculty and staff are passionate about education and committed to the success of our students. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the classroom, creating a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Arnold ClarkCeo/Co-Founder
Arnold Clark Ceo/Co-Founder

the University for its significant role, responsibility and duties.

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