A calm school environment

French education aims to make every school
a safe and inclusive environment. This is
reflected by actions to promote equality
between girls and boys and to combat
all forms of discrimination. Prevention
programmes are available to educational teams
to combat bullying and cyber-bullying between

Mobilisation for causes of public interest
Pupils are encouraged to take part in public
interest actions. Citizenship, Solidarity and
the promotion of the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals are among
the projects in which school communities get

Engaged pupils
Educational teams strongly encourage pupils to take part in local associations
and charities, both French and international. It is often an opportunity for them
to organise events, fundraising and actions to promote a cause that they champion.
Taking part in these community actions develops their sense of initiative and
teamwork. It helps shape responsible future citizens and demonstrates the values
of solidarity and cooperation so central to the French education network.

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