Freedom of choice

French establishments operate an innovative
educational policy in line with the programmes
of the French ministry in charge of national
The reform of the upper secondary school
system initiated in France in 2018 has been
fully rolled out abroad. It gives upper secondary
school pupils greater freedom, with the option
to choose the specialist subjects they wish,
according to their guidance project. Fifty-four
hours a year are now dedicated to guidance.
Schools can make use of the resources of
the French Distance Learning Centre (CNED)
to complement their offer of specialist subject

A baccalauréat with a worldwide reputation
This new Baccalauréat, built on a joint
framework of basic and specialist education,
allows pupils to demonstrate their excellence
and gives them the means to move
successfully into higher education. Fluency
in several languages, the quality of the
scientific and humanist knowledge acquired
and autonomy in terms of individual work all
open the doors to the greatest international
universities and most prestigious Grandes
Écoles. Former pupils have achieved
remarkable success in all sectors

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