Inclusive Education

Inclusivity holds significant importance in the French education system as it strives to provide equal opportunities and access to education for all students, regardless of their backgrounds and abilities.

Embracing inclusivity ensures that every student, regardless of their individual circumstances, feels welcomed, supported, and valued within the educational environment. By fostering inclusivity, the French education system aims to create a diverse and enriching learning environment that respects and celebrates differences. Inclusive education promotes empathy, understanding, and tolerance among students, preparing them to be active and engaged participants in a diverse society.

At the Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil, making special accommodations for students with special educational needs is a priority. To achieve this, an Inclusive Education Committee has been created to ensure proper support for students with special needs and to provide practical assistance to the teachers in charge of their education.

Students with special educational needs may include:

– Students who suffer from disabling health conditions;

– Students who experience persistent difficulties related to learning disabilities (such as dyslexia, dysorthographia, dysphasia, dyspraxia, attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders, etc.);

– Gifted students;

– Students with motor, sensory, or cognitive disabilities.

Based on the specific educational needs, a personalized support plan or learning pathways, as well as adaptations and accommodations, are defined for the student and will be implemented by the teaching team and the School Director, in collaboration with the student’s parents, who play a central role in the learning process.

We, at Danielle Mitterrand, hope that by recognizing and accommodating the diverse needs and talents of our students, we foster a more equitable and just society, laying the foundation for a more inclusive future.