School Management & Affiliations

As our school is a not-for-profit school, the operations are managed and overseen by a volunteer, unpaid Board of Directors composed of highly qualified parents whose children attend the school. The school academics and curriculum are managed directly by an experienced School Director. The Board of Directors, in collaboration with the School Director, ensure a hands-on management of all aspects of the school. 

As our school is part of the network of 581 French schools around the world, the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which is a branch of France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, oversees our school to ensure that the quality of education is maintained. The AEFE does this by inspecting our school on a regular basis and offering continuous learning and training to our teachers. Our school maintains its French government accreditation through this rigorous inspection process which is performed every year, and throughout the year, by the Government of France.

Lastly, the Embassy of France in Iraq also plays a role in overseeing the operations of our school by providing support through their Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Action, as well as their Linguistic Cooperation Attaché.