Policy and Process

Join our diverse and inclusive community at the Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil. We welcome students from various cultural backgrounds and strive to provide equal opportunities for all. Learn more about our admissions process, eligibility criteria, and how to apply. 

The school’s Nursery accepts toddlers 18-months to 3 years old while our Kindergarten accepts children aged 3 to 5 years. Young learners aged 6 years are accepted into grade 1. 

Children with no prior knowledge of the French language are accepted into our school until grade 2 inclusively. 

Starting in grade 3, the child must have some French language proficiency. Cases are evaluated individually, and exceptions may be granted depending on the situation. In some cases, an assessment may be required.  

The registration process is quick and easy: all you need to do is drop by our Administration to fill out the registration form, provide the required documents, and finalize the registration by paying a deposit fee. 

We look forward to welcoming new students and families into our school community.

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