The Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil was established in 2009 by Dr. Frédéric Tissot, the Consul General of France in Erbil at the time, for the purpose of improving education in Kurdistan. The school is named in honor of the former First Lady of France, Danielle Mitterrand, who was known for her advocacy and support for Kurdish rights and the Kurdish people. Her involvement and activism on behalf of the Kurds earned her admiration and respect among the Kurdish community.

We offer nursery services, and education from kindergarten to high school, covering grades from maternelle (pre-school) to terminale (12th grade). Our mission is to provide a high-quality education that combines French academic standards with an appreciation for the local culture and values, fostering international understanding and promoting bilingualism among our students.

Our school is accredited by the Government of France, which means we follow the French education system and teach the curriculum nationally set in France. In other words, our students get the same exact education as a student in France!

Our school is a member of the largest network of foreign schools in the world, a network of 581 French schools in 139 countries. The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which is a branch of France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, oversees all of these international French schools, including ours, and ensures that the quality of education is maintained by inspecting our school on a regular basis and offering continuous learning and training to our teachers. Our school maintains its accreditation through this rigorous inspection process performed every year, and throughout the year, by the Government of France.